Hassan Tower, Rabat

Again Almohad Caliphate thrills the Moroccan building heritage with a master attraction in the funding, Rabat.

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Hassan Tower, Rabat

Hassan Tower, Rabat, Morocco

The red-sandstone structure of Hassan Tower is increasing to 44m with regarding 86 elevation. When established before, the job was deserted in the mosque, accompanied by a couple of columns. In the immediate environment exists, Mausoleum of Mohammed V, with the tower and mosque previous job developing a worthy complicated including a prime worth to the city– Rabat- historic style.

Hassan Tower or Sawm’ at Hassan in Arabic, describing the substantial turret shaft adhering to the unique Moroccan and Spanish design style of the same time. The Turret was forecasted to be the biggest of its sort of perpetuity all over the world, yet– however– the building and construction refined quite unexpectedly, complying with the untimely end of al-Mansur in 1199.


Hassan Tower, Rabat

Almohad Caliphate as well as Abu Yusuf Yaqub al-Mansur

Caliph Abu Yusuf Yaqub al-Mansur appointed the framework, the 3rd of Almohad caliphate household that stemmed from tribal origins in Atlas hills under the management of Ibn Tumart in the 12th century Around 1120 up until 1212-1215.

 The Tower of Hassan was erected under the guidance of the designer Jabir ibn Aflah, that additionally expected to have made the tower of Hassan’s sibling, the Giralda of Seville in Al Andalus as well as both buildings were based upon the Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakech and also affected by the Lighthouse of Alexandria in Egypt.


Hassan Tower, Rabat

The Building of Hassan Tower

Thus, the building designs are just one of the significant aspects of Islamic design. The external surface area of the tower is garnished with sebka panels and joint columns sculpted in the imposing rock involved with the marble aspect.

Adhering to the Almohad design method, the mosque framework was erected with round rock columns of block piers, with 200 columns claimed to have been built. The significant aspect of the mosque was that the open yards were prepared to be 3 alongside and flanking the qibla mihrab. The mosque framework was never completed, yet the finished components were harmed because of the Lisbon Quake, 1755.

It is seeking the magnificent Turret of the Ikhshidi mosque of Ahmed Ibn Taulune in Egypt, with its distinct framework of ramps swirling around the significant shaft. Hassan Tower complied with the same method of ramps as opposed to staircases. Consequently, the petition called for an equine for the muezzin to access the tower. The main shaft of the building is developed at 6 degrees and consists of vaulted chambers with horseshoe-arched home windows ignoring the environment of the tower.

To the south of Bu Regreg river, to the northeastern side of Rabat, the structure was prepared to climb and also stand in a location stated according to chroniclers that had an absence of populace to fill up a mosque what can translate the framework building at this moment as a citadel as well as a mosque too, or on hopes of developing a grand-capital city.

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